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Whilst researching on how best to answer this question, I realised that Social Responsibility (SR) is inclined to Coporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in some of the articles I discovered. I realised that to be on the same age about this topic, it would be needful to define it so you, the reader and I, are on the same page.

From an overall perspective there are two types of Social Responsibility (SR).
 a) Individual Social Responsibility
People, not only companies, can engage in social responsibility. Social responsibility is a moral belief that as individuals, we have a responsibility toward society. When we talk about being “socially responsible”, it is about an individual behaving ethically and sensitively towards social, economic, and environmental issues. This means going beyond self-interest and preservation.

b) Corporate Social Responsibility
In recent times business was just about making profits, they were at the centre of most of the business decisions. This has since changed, some business leaders acknowledge that they have a responsibility to do more than simply maximize profits for shareholders and executives.

They also have a social responsibility to not only do what is best for their companies but also for people, the planet, and society at large – enter in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). CSR does not have to be traded off for profits. We explore this more with time.

So I hope our case has been well presented and will justify our position that Social Responsibility cannot be assigned to corporates or certain individuals. 

It is our argument that Social Responsibility:
1) is EVERYONE’s responsibility.
2) is a way of self-regulating so that individuals and corporates make choices that are not self-serving at the expense of others, our environment, and the planet.
3) is a way of living or a way of ethical decision-making for businesses. 
4) can be done at varying levels depending on how committed a business or individual is.

That being said, we invite you to engage with us on how you can get involved in Social Responsibility, keeping in mind that it does not have to be financial contribution.

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Loveness Nleya

Loveness is a multi-talented Creative who is a Digital Marketing Consultant/Strategist, Technopreneur and Philanthropist. She has 12 years experience as an International NGO Accontant. Her drive comes from a fiery passion to empower African tech users and develop Afro-Centric digital solutions. Based in Harare, Zimbabwe, she runs a Digital Marketing Agency and does consultancy work. She works with young people, women and small businesses to adopt tech, digital marketing and digital skills for urban resilience, career & business growth and income generation.


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