We have a dream

We have a dream to create accessibility to different communities using a mobile Tech and Digital Skills Hub. It will be solar powered. From experience, we have confirmed that one of the main issues affecting young people, women, and small businesses in participating in the digital economy is access to affordable digital tools & skills/knowledge. 

The mobile tech and digital skills hub will go a long way in addressing those two main issues. We are bringing the solutions and transformation to them. Our mobile Tech and Digital Skills Hub brings the transformation closer home at no extra cost. Some of the communities we intend on serving are marginalised. 

Providing this solution helps more people with fewer resources. We do not only train and leave beneficiaries to find their own way. We measure our impact by how many households generate income from what we will have shared. We have post-training mentorship and coaching so the beneficiaries are able to implement what they have learned under our guidance leveraging our experience.

Visualise this…

We are looking for partners to make this a reality and transform lives. Reach out to us if this vision speaks to you.

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Loveness Nleya

Loveness is a multi-talented Creative who is a Digital Marketing Consultant/Strategist, Technopreneur and Philanthropist. She has 12 years experience as an International NGO Accontant. Her drive comes from a fiery passion to empower African tech users and develop Afro-Centric digital solutions. Based in Harare, Zimbabwe, she runs a Digital Marketing Agency and does consultancy work. She works with young people, women and small businesses to adopt tech, digital marketing and digital skills for urban resilience, career & business growth and income generation.


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