Mgcini Nleya – Director

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Summary Bio

– Private Music educator, consultant, mentor and coach.
– Music instrument & accessories freelance retailer.
– Piano Technician.
– Runs a Project Management Services business targeting Zimbabweans outside Harare and in the diaspora.
– Director at OutLoud Pvt Ltd (Digital Marketing and Advertising Agency)
Director at Tech4GoodZim Trust – A Digital Skills, Tech4SocialImpact, livelihoods, and urban resilience-centred organisation.

The quick story

Mgcini is a seasoned Music Educator with over 15Years experience working with children in private and institutional settings. Whilst his passion is empowering children with this skill, he also works with adults and groups learning music for personal or corporate benefit. 

Whilst he does this work, he also runs a Project Management Business that caters to Zimbabweans outside Harare and diasporans that need services and products from Harare. Mgcini co-founded OutLoud Pvt Ltd, a Digital Marketing Agency that focuses on innovative and contextualised digital solutions. 

His acceptance to be a Director at Tech4GoodZim is a testament of his drive to empower people to have better livelihoods. He is a philanthropist to the core and has big dreams of what type of impact can be made using tech in this space.

Summary experience

– Trained at the Music Academy (Zimbabwe).
– Trains children as a private tutor and in schools (Government & Private).
– Runs a Project Management Business.

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