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Thank you for showing interest in Tech4GoodZim and my story. 

Summary Bio

– Multi-talented creative, Digital Strategist & Technopreneur (Digital marketing consultant) www.lovenessnleya.com


– Licensed Digital Citizenship Educator (Commonsense) www.elifestylecoach.com


– Founder AffiliateZim – urban resilience initiative for improving livelihoods for urban & peri-urban dwellers focusing on young people, women, MSMEs and non-profits.

– Co-Founder of Digital Skills Hub, a digital skills training program that works with young people, women & MSMEs (Micro Small and Medium Enterprises) to adopt digital skills. 

– Director and Lead consultant for OutLoud Pvt Ltd (Digital Marketing and Advertising Agency)

 Founding Director of Tech4GoodZim Trust – A Digital Skills, Tech4SocialImpact, livelihoods, and urban resilience-centred organisation.

– Digital Marketer: International Trade Centre ecomconnect.org.

– Associate Trainer / Consultant: Zimtrade


– Philanthropist

The quick story

I am an ex International NGO Accountant with 12 years of experience who made a drastic career shift into Digital Marketing. My first 6 years were devoted to self-teaching and I was able to build a brand, win awards, speak on global platforms, run a Digital Marketing Consultancy, work with brands of note, and meaningfully contribute to my family’s welfare, transition the consultancy into a private limited company, master web development, graphic design, and technopreneurship.

I am driven to duplicate the opportunities and empower anyone who is hungry to have a better life using tech. I see myself as a living advert of what is possible because the digital space, tech, digital skills and the internet are not owned or reserved for a special type of person, but are there for anyone to access and thrive.

Whilst my results are not typical, they are duplicatable because I used universal success strategies like continuous learning, personal development & branding, grit, perseverance, and truck loads of patience plus hard work to achieve what she has so far. Tech4GoodZim is the vehicle I am using to be able to make transformational impact using tech. 

VALUES: knowledge sharing, collaborations, networking, authenticity, tech empowerment, innovation, creativity, women in tech, and quick digital skills adoption for improved livelihoods for the non-technical person. Tech4GoodZim is about people coming together with knowledge, resources, networks, and skills to innovatively use tech for impact.

Brands I have worked with up to 2022.

These are the brands whose I have worked with or have been featured by. 

ex-International NGO Accountant with 12 years experience (summary)

I worked as an International NGO Accountant focusing on:
– Donor report production.
– Finance policy donor and organisation compliance.
– Organisation report production.
– Training stakeholders in Finance for non-Finance e.g staff members, implementing partners and beneficiary communities.
– Audit liaison and compliance.
– Asset database management.
– Employee representative.

As you read this I am making a personal invitation to you to #GetInvolved in this initiative and make a difference using tech your own way. Every contribution (financial and non-financial) is greatly appreciated and is accounted for. See our Statement of Commitment.

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