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I dropped everything to help this young boy

It was another day, when I was in town minding my own business when I passed this young boy who had burns to part of his face and the burn was festering. I almost successfully kept on walking but my conscious was as loud as an ambulance siren, so I had to turn back. 

I asked him for his story. He said he had been burnt running away from a dog with tea by the woman him and his brother were staying with. What nearly made me cry was the look of hopelessness that he had as he started to tell his story. His grandmother had travelled to the rural areas for a few weeks and had left him and his brother under the care of a lady but the lady was harsh with them. The last straw was being burnt with tea on the face and she would scrub that would with herbs saying that was how he was going to heal. They were treated badly and they thought sleeping in the street was better. 

So they had been on the streets for two weeks now, waiting for their grandmother to come back. I asked where his older brother was and as if he heard us, he just showed up. I wanted to do something about this so I went with them both into the nearest pharmacy to find out what I would need to buy so they can self-care. It was more than I had in my pocket so we left the pharmacy and I started calling people to send money so I could buy the medication. 

Just as I was making the third call, this wonderful lady I call Big Sis from just showed up. She asked me what I was doing and I told her. She didn’t bat an eyelid, she topped up the difference and went on her way. I almost cried with gratitude, seems I was a crier that day. We bought the medication and we promised we would meet the following Sunday At an agreed place so I could get them money for consultation and would take the boy to the clinic.

They didn’t show up and that was the last I heard of them. I asked arond and people said they had been there that morning but had been seen walking with an adult. The optimist me believes that they got help and were back in safe care. See the story in pics below. 

WARNING: The pics are graphic and not for those of a nervous disposition. Reader discretion is strongly advised. Post placed further to prevent accidental viewing. Keep scrolling to see the post.

It was on this day that the power of teamwork and collaboration really hit me hard. What also became the fuel to my fire was the fact that you need to create funding sources to make a difference. That day I was blessed to have got help to pay that bill, but it was after a number of calls. After telling myself for years that I was not the entrepreneurial type, that experience reinforced that I needed to create multiple streams of income and creative fundraising 4Charity. When I had the chance I started, I dived head first into business so I could finance philanthropic work.

Are you the type of person with a desire to make a difference and are looking for a way to do it? This could be it. 

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