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It started out just any other day and I was going about my business as usual at work. She walked in halfway into lunch and I had just finished my meal. I had received too much sadza so I had left it. She spoe to the receptionist and the receptionist called me to find out if I had any food to share with her. Sadly I didn’t, had sadza only and her face lit up because she said that was all she needed.

Stunned I gave her what was left and she walked. I sat briefly in my office but could not shake what had just happened. I dashed outside hoping to find her within the vicinity of the office and thankfully I did, but what I saw broke my heart.

She had a little boy wearing about 7years old, in oversized clothing and they were gulping down the food as if it would run away. I asked her for her story.

She told me she had lost everything whilst she was in hospital, had just been discharged and she was hungry from the medication she was taking. I asked her to come the day after, with the hope of raising some funds and getting from what I had to help her out.

True to her word, she came and we captured that moment because she insisted. See the post below.

Together we can make a difference using tech. We hope to have more stories of impact like this. Sadly I never saw her after that. Because she had no phone I could not track her, but I looked out for her or that young boy but they were never to be seen. It was during this experience that I realised that philanthropy requires teamwork otherwise it is too much for one entity to bare.

I also realised that, to offer continuous support, a non-profit needs robust fundraising teams and strategies otherwise it may be at the mercy of economic woes because that is when donors drop out the most as a cost-cutting measure. It inspired me to get into business to make social impact.

Are you the same kind of person who is passionate or driven to make a difference? 

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