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As part of our program we contribute towards bridging the digital skills gap for young people, women, and small businesses using easy-to-grasp modules and software. 

The areas of focus are:
1) Digital Marketing
2) Graphic Design (CANVA)
3) Content Creation (CANVA)
4) Web development (CANVA & WYSIWYG site builders)
5)  Community management
6) Affiliate marketing
7) Gig-economy
8) Online income generation 
9) Course Creation
10) Template selling
11) Digital Skills
12) Coaching and Mentorship
13) Tech VAs
14) Social Media Management
15) Customer Relations Management (CRM)

We not only teach the skills but have an ecosystem that can immediately absorb the students we train so that they start earning.

Where we can, we get them placed and continue to support them so that we guarantee quality output for prospective clients. Where do you come in? We have the expertise to empower the target groups but we need additional support in providing them the tools to continue implementing what we would have taught them. Access to digital tools remains expensive for the average family.

Any contribution is welcome. Whether it is a full laptop or a contribution towards getting one. All assets will be used in a communal way to allow more people to have access, and we have the expertise to account for and manage the assets using the best practices.

All our projects have monitoring and evaluation ingrained in them for tracking our impact on the improvement of livelihoods. The beneficiaries once trained and capacitated to earn will be encouraged to generate income to use other hubs even at a nominal cost. Our initiative not only trains the beneficiaries but also supports them as they generate income from the skills they would have learned.

If this initiative resonates with you, get in touch with us.

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