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How to get involved

Thank you so much for showing interest in how you can get involved. We believe that nothing is too small and everything adds up. We still have people in our communities that need not just your finances but your time or strength or just a resource. The bottom line is that you can make a difference in your own and whilst we have taken the liberty to outline some of the ways you can do that, we are receptive to other ways of making the difference we seek.

1) Donate

Do you have a heart for giving and making a difference? You can become partners with us and donate your finances, time, services, gifts, devices, skills and resources. This is all #4Charity. 

All proceeds are strictly accounted for according to the best accounting practices for non-profits. Your time and effort are also valued so that we can quantify your contribution. We appreciate every opportunity to collaborate and partner with like-minded individuals, brands and businesses. All ages are welcome.

2) Become a fundraiser

When the tough gets going, usually the social responsibility initiatives are the ones that are the first to be targeted as cost-cutting measures. Becoming a fundraiser for our initiatives means we sit down with you and partner on ways to raise funds with your skill, talent, interest, passion, and any other resource you have. 

This arrangement is sealed with an MOU for transparency, revenue share, clarity of roles and responsibilities. It is an arrangement that requires utmost trust. Our experts work with you in developing a winning online or offline fundraising strategy. 

We already have some products, services and fundraising models that we have invested in developing hence the need for a signed MOU. The minimum revenue share is 40%. #Fundraise4Charity

3) Become an advocate

Alone we cannot spread the word fast or far enough. We look forward to working with you, doing that for us. Advocates identify and align with what we are doing and are interested in getting the word out there, online or offline. So you can advocate for our causes on your social media, website or even online communities.

We stand for #Tech4Good, #TechMakingADifference and #Tech4SocialImpact. Advocates can share our cause online or offline. Please note that we recognise advocate and award ceremonies for our partners. All ages are welcome. #Advocate4Charity

4) Shop 4Charity

We run multiple #Shop4Charity initiatives as a way to create funding for us to be partially independent of donors and for the sake of consistent funding. This also gives us the opportunity to also have funds to cover our overheads and have the flexibility to start or get involved in some much-needed initiatives in line with our mandate.

To #Shop4Charity visit  the AffiliateZim where we are affiliates selling other people’s products and our products are also hosted there.

The shop will help us to make a difference using tech. The shop has digital and physical products you can enjoy whilst you make a difference. You too can become an affiliate #4Charity and donate your commissions.

5) Join our community of Vision Partners

Be part of a community of like-minded people with a heart to serve and make difference. This is voluntary unless a well-wisher funds any of the activities.

It is where we brainstorm on ways to make a difference using tech and also implement. Stories come from our Vision Partners for flighting on our platforms to keep our donors and other stakeholders engaged.

Everyone is welcome to contribute freely to the projects and initiatives we will be implementing at any time. We look forward to working with you.

After all is said and done, every contribution is appreciated and goes a long way in making a life-transforming impact. If there is another way you would like to contribute but we have not mentioned, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us:
a) send an email – hello@tech4goodzim.org
b) chat on our contact page: https://tech4goodzim.org/contact/

Other Option
Use the form below and one of our team members will be in touch with you.