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The Digital Skills Gap

Success in the Digital Age without digital skills is next to impossible. They have become essential skills to have in a world driven by dynamic technology and the digitalisation of businesses.

Nearly three out of four respondents worldwide say they aren’t equipped with the resources needed to learn the digital skills they need to succeed in the current and future workforce.’ – Salesforce Global Digital Skills Index
Their index shows that there is a growing digital skills crisis. 

The Bottom Line:  People need to acquire digital skills to succeed in the current and future workforce or to flourish in the current and future business environment. 

Previously, digital skills were essential for tech-based jobs but the digital skills needed to succeed now and in the future are mostly generic ones even for non-tech jobs.

“The skills the digital economy needs range from the ability to use a mobile phone, the internet and social media to advanced skills in data analytics, app development and network management. Currently, African countries are lagging behind: ITU data suggests that only 2% of Kenyans are using the internet to find and apply for jobs, against a global average of 17%. In Sudan and Zimbabwe, only 4% of adults are able to copy and paste files.”
Source: https://odi.org/en/insights/why-skills-development-is-key-for-digital-transformation-in-africa/

Where we come in : Our Digital Skills Training

We create learning opportunities for young people, women and MSMEs (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises) contextualised to Africa. Our learning programs are deliberately designed to enable a young person, women or micro business to master and implement:
1) in a short space of time.
2) with the use of the most accessible device, an internet-enabled phone, 
3) without being a tech expert, 
4) with the goal of improving the quality of life and viability of their businesses by monetising as soon as they learn and
5) with the mind of being financially dependent or self-employed.

The main skills that we believe are quick to learn and easier to monetise are listed below:
The areas of focus are:
1) Digital Marketing
2) Graphic Design (CANVA)
3) Content Creation (CANVA)
4) Web development (CANVA & WYSIWYG site builders)
5)  Community management
6) Affiliate marketing
7) Gig-economy
8) Online income generation 
9) Course Creation
10) Template selling
11) Digital Skills
12) Coaching and Mentorship
13) Tech VAs
14) Social Media Management
15) Customer Relations Management (CRM)

Once someone masters any of the skills listed above we expect that their lives or businesses will never be the same because they have more control over how and when they create income. Ingrained in our trainings the soft skills development, like personal development, communication, career planning, and personal branding.

We work with the private and public sector as strategic partners to carry out these trainings. We have the expertise but need support in the form of devices and space to teach where online learning is not feasible. Our trainings are sponsored so that the cost is kept very low.

Are you interested in taking part in this? Find out how you can #GetInvolved.

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