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Mobile Tech bus

We have a dream to have a mobile tech hub that we use to bridge the digital skills gap, increase urban resilience and improve livelihoods.

Digital Skills Training

We bridge the digital skills gap through training young people, women and MSMEs for employability or self employment, income generation, and resilience.

Mt Hampden Kids

The Mt Hampden Kids – a story of how a few women had come together to take care of children in need from their community. Tech made a difference.

His face made me drop everything to help

I saw I young boy, about 6-7years old whose face had been burnt by tea, but evidently no treatment had been given to him. WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES


We have students that we have trained in skills that need support in the for of new and well refurbished laptops. Any contributions are welcome.

Her story

I met her by accident, and she was not alone. She was with a young boy and they were negotiating for food to eat. Her story moved me.

Join our community

Be part of our innovative, creative and vibrant community of philanthropists that have given themselves to making a difference. #4Charity

Statement of Commitment

As an organisation we have intentionally made certain commitments that enable us to achieve our goals ethically, in a socially responsible way.


Shopping is awesome because you benefit. We are offering you a chance to shop and make a difference. Find out more.

Become an advocate

Volunteer to amplify various philanthropic projects online and offline. We are looking for people who are passionate about amplifying philanthropic causes.

Become a fundraiser

Join our community of like-minded philanthropists with a drive to make a difference creatively and have a passion for fundraising to make a difference.


Contribute to make a difference. You can donate your time, skill, talent, resources and even advocate to donate to using tech to make a difference.

Social Responsbility – Whose responsibility?

Is social responsibility the sole responsibility for corporates, governments and some privileged individuals? Find out why we say it’s everyone’s responsibility.

Mgcini Nleya – Director

A seasoned Music educator, mentor, coach and consultant. He is driven to empower mainly children to express themselves in music whilst nurturing discipline, consistency, creativity & confidence.

Loveness Nleya – Founding Director

Know more about Loveness Nleya, an ex International NGO Accountant with 12 years experience who career shifted into Digital Marketing, self taught.