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Fundraise #4Charity

When things get tough, philanthropic projects suffer. Generally, donors (private, public and corporate) will cut costs by reducing their contribution to philanthropic projects. The thrust behind having a fundraising team is so that Tech4GoodZim has a little more financial independence and control over being consistent in supporting projects.

We have creative online and offline strategies to raise funds but we cannot do this alone. We need to have partners in this. We will not only fundraise for Tech4GoodZim projects but will also support non-profits, and medical or need-based initiatives that align with our cause. We mainly harness the power of tech and the internet to #MakeADifference. 

You have an option to use your skill, talent, interest or passion as a vehicle to raise funds and amplify the philanthropic initiatives you want to get involved in. Our team will meet with you to strategise, we sign an MOU that contains a revenue share of at least 40% with us to cover our team time and raise funds for projects. The 60% raised is yours to do with it as you please.

All the finances raised are accounted for and managed in a transparent manner. Donors have the opportunity to receive regular reports of the work done or impact made with the funds or resources that they gave. 

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Our fundraising strategies push the boundaries of what has been done before for the sake of Social Responsibility. We believe in doing whatever it takes to #MakeADifference in an ethical and transparent way. There are lives that need to be touched and transformed. We believe that we will re-write what it means to use fundraise for philanthropy.

Are you passionate about fundraising for a good cause?
Do you have a place where you have creative freedom to create fundraising campaigns?
Are you ready to get started on a fulfilling journey where you can make an impact beyond the work you do?
Please note that we are currently offering volunteer jobs at the moment until we are funded. The full terms and conditions will be shared with you once you show interest. A team member will get in touch with you, once you have registered below:

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