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We believe in maximising tech for social good

Our initiatives are founded on #TechMakingADifference – one life, one business at a time.

We work with young people, women, MSMEs (Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises), and non-profits in adopting digital skills, Digital Marketing and tech for urban resilience, social good, income generation, better livelihoods, career, and business growth. 

Whilst tech has made massive improvements in the way we live, it has also come with it’s disadvantages in terms of things like health, wellness, the digital divide, digital access or literacy, just to mention a few. Tech4GoodZim seeks to bridge digital gaps and empower target groups to thrive in this Digital Age. Tech CAN make a difference, it’s about how it is harnessed. We are advocates and implementors of that belief.

Tech4GoodZim was birthed from a deep-seated desire to see young people, women, MSMEs (Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises), and non-profits excel and not be at a disadvantage because of the digitalisation of our economies and the integration of tech into the way we live. 



All resources owned and gifted to the Trust are accounted for in a transparent manner guided by the best practices in managing donor or non-profit resources (financial and non-financial).


We handle all our transactions and Trust activities in a transparent manner beyond reproach for the continuity of the program. Every partner and collaborator is subject to the same.


We use creativity and innovation to ensure the continued existence of the Trust for the sake of transformational impact and legacy. We create unique ways for people and businesses to get involved.


Everything we do and our drive comes for using tech to serve people and partner with them to achieve our program objectives. Implementing the program with human welfare at heart is our core.

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Meet the Directors

Loveness Nleya (Digital Strategist & Technopreneur)

She works with young people, women and small businesses to adopt tech, digital marketing and digital skills for urban resilience, career & business growth and income generation.

Mgcini Nleya (Music Educator & Consultant)

A seasoned Music educator, mentor, coach and consultant. He is driven to empower mainly children to express themselves in music whilst nurturing discipline, consistency, creativity & confidence.

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